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HyperACCESS™ Web Enabled Advanced Communications Software

The Most Advanced communications Software available today is the Official Upgrade to HyperTerminal which Microsoft includes with Windows and Windows NT.

  • Instantly access Internet Telnet Sites, BBS's, Online Services, Hosts or friends PC's
  • Dial direct or connect through Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Record and automate your online activities with JavaScript or Visual Basic Script
  • Use ActiveX Scripting, OLE Automation and other Windows elements.
  • Emulate terminals and transfer files, FAST and VIRUS FREE.

With HyperACCESS ä web enabled communication software your company can have computing tools of immense power and versatility allowing the management of mobile workers directly in the field or at remote locations around the world. Thus promoting your company’s image as a proactive efficient and progressive organisation.

Connect Effortlessly - Instantly access Internet Telnet sites, BBS's, online services, host computers or other PC's by double clicking entries in HyperACCESS's phonebook, or typing the entry names in your browser. Bang! your online exchanging messages and files, tapping online resources, surfing sites around the globe.

Save Time Money and Frustration - Get faster, more reliable file transfers, more accurate terminal emulations and better performance overall.

Most Advanced - Experience the speed and reliability of truly cutting edge 32 bit Windows code. Get state of the art support for ActiveX Scripting, Hyperlinking, OLE Automation and Document Object Model for super integartion with Microsoft Office applications and the new ActiveDesktop UI model. Record and repeat actions easily with JavaScript or Visual Basic Script, or automate more ambitious tasks by driving HyperACCESS through its powerful API interface with VBA, Visual Basic, Java or C++ For further details visit Higraeve Products.

Technical Specs

  • Fully exploits windows with 100% 32 bit code for fast reliable multi-tasking and long filename support.
  • Full support for Active Scripting, Hyperlinking, OLE Automation and Document Object Models for super integration with MIcrosoft Office applications.
  • Works with virtually any Modem.
  • Record and automate online actions with JavaScript or Visual Basic Script
  • Use through any communications device supported by Windows, Telephony API (TAPI) including TCP/IP, ISDN, networked modems or direct serial connections at upto and beyond 115,200bps.
  • Terminal emulations include : -
    ADDS Viewpoint, ADM3A, ANSI, Compuserve,DG210, DG211, IBM3101, IBM3278 async, TV910, TV912, TV920, TV925, TV950, TTY, VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220, VT320, Wyse 50 and Wyse 60.
  • Fast file transfer protocols as standard, Compuserve B+, Kermit, Xmodem, 1K-Xmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Zmodem and our own HyperProtocol - the fastest of all protocols.
  • Detects over 4500 Viruses in files you download, in time for you to cancel any download and remain safe.
  • Gives you the option to expand ZIP files 'on the fly' as you download them to save you having to unpack them later.


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Hyper Access Software


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