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Trakker® Antares™ T2455 RF Terminal
Vehicle Mount Rugged Terminal

The T2455 is a versatile, high performance and economical solution for data collection applications using industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks and stock pickers.

The two piece design allows the operators to seperate the display and keyboard or conventionally mount them as one unit. A unique bracket design provides unlimited viewing angle and positioning choices to accommodate different shift users.

  • Modular 2 piece design
  • Small size fits most forklifts/stackers
  • Flexible mounting brackets
  • Withstands industrial shocks, vibrations and environments
  • Configurable with multiple display, keyboard and input device alternatives
  • Industry standard 2.4GHz radio system

A solid industrial casing protects the unit from dust, dirt and rain, whilst its tolerance to very cold temperatures allows it to be used in freezers.

The terminal integrates with most common host environments either directly to the network or through a data collection server which provides additional network management benefits. IBM and VT terminal emulation's eliminate the need to re-program existing host applications. TCP/IP support provides similar ease of integration in client/server environments.


  • Size - Height 15.2 cm, Length 28.4 cm, Width 10.7 cm
  • Keyboard - ABCD layout + Num Pad
  • Display - 25 lines by 80 Character LCD (EL Option)
  • Internal RAM - 1Mb Total - 512k user memory available
  • Power - 12 - 80 volts DC, Memory Backup via a rechargeable Ni-Cd


  • Software Connectivity - Programmable in Microsoft C
    IBM/390, AS400, Unix, WinNT, Digital, HP


  • Data Comms - Auxiliary RS232
  • Ports - Barcode input port, supports wands, CCD's, Laser
  • Wireless LAN Characteristics - 2.4GHz OpenAir, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, 100mW output, 800Kbps or 1.6Mbps data rate, Range 150 Metres (indoors) upto 450 Metres (Outdoors with high gain antennas)



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