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Blueleaf Ltd, solutions for Barcode Reading, RFID and Auto-IDBlueLeaf Ltd

Datalogic Kyman

The Datalogic Kyman-NET™ rugged mobile computer is a product designed for field force automation and logistics solutions. Its tough outer casing with overmold protection has been designed to resist harsh environments.

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NEO delivers performance and durability packaged in a superior ergonomic design.

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Barcode Reader

Visit barcode- for barcode labels, printers, scanners and other barcode related products.

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Cipher 8300 Series

The Cipher 8300 Includes, Spread Spectrum 2.4GHz, Narrow Band 433MHz, BlueTooth Technology, IEEE-802.11b, TCP/IP Connection, USB Connection, Programmable in:BASIC, C & Application Generator, 1MB program memory + 256KB data memory.

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Examples of BlueLeaf Ltd's extensive product range

Intermec CK31

Intermec has added features that enhance mobile data collection such as simplified setup menus and display icons to provide intuitive, graphic-based information.

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Contact Us

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Intermec CN30

The CN30 performs in all ways as a one-piece unit without compromising Intermec’s standards for maximum durability.

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Our sister site will deal with all your Radio Frequency Identification needs.

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