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Nordic PL3000

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In the Nordic ID PL3000 flexibility has been taken to the extreme. Together the powerful processor and efficient operating system you can us web-based applications, terminal emulation or with native software depending on your application needs.

The Nordic ID PL3000 can be used in different configurations and environments:

  • Mobile Point-of-Sale
  • In store environment
  • Warehouse environment
  • Healthcare and pharmacies

With the PL3000 you can use different communication technologies depending which is best for your environment and use. You can use WLAN or Bluetooth in local networks and GPRS or GSM for remote use. There are also numerous data collection and identification technologies to choose such as RFID, 1D (usual barcode) and 2D codes and even biometrics.

The design of the Nordic ID PL3000 follows the familiar Nordic ID lines. It is ergonomic and you can use it with one hand.

The PL3000’s RFID Options are:

  • PL3000 RFID UHF -handheld computer
  • PL3000 Advanced UHF
  • PL3000 Advanced HF


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Nordic PL3000


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