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Pro60 WORKABOUT PRO Printer 60mm Bluetooth Enabled Direct Thermal Printer

The Pro60 is a 60mm Bluetooth enabled fast thermal printer designed for direct attachment to the rear of the Workabout Pro range of handheld computers. Because of the Bluetooth link the unit may also be separated from the Workabout Pro and used as a belt mount printer.

A high power field replaceable battery can easily be removed from the unit using a standard coin. Charging of the battery takes place either directly using a standard Workabout Pro mains adapter or whilst mounted on the Workabout Pro and in the Workabout Pro cradle. Blackroc provide a range of cable adapters for different docking and charging scenarios.

The Pro60 has a 58 mm wide print roll and uses the popular 'easyload' method of paper roll installation.

The unit can be used with other devices in the Workabout Pro internal slots, including full range of Workabout Pro comms endcaps.

The BlueTooth pairing means that should the printer need servicing, you can simply re-pair a new printer with the Workabout and carry on working.

Uses 57mm wide Thermal Paper, (Available from BlueLeaf Ltd)


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Pro60 WORKABOUT PRO Printer 60mm Bluetooth Enabled Direct Thermal Printer

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